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We are an entertainment on-demand (EOD) portal.

Discover dobox:Enjoy amazing collections of premium cinema released movies, original series, popular TV drama series, in-depth documentaries, cartoons on Magicbox, stay in touch with live events streaming via livebox, Watch top-notch musical videos or create your playlist on Musicbox and Record. Upload .Share your user generated content onto eyebox. dobox-your entertainment box.

No Subscription:No Monthly subscription or commitments pay only for what you watch or want to buy.

Feature:On Magicbox, you can Stream a title; this gives you immediate viewing access online for 24 hrs (1 day). While our Rental option whenever highlighted allows you to download the content on to your device with a storage period of 24 hrs (1 day) for Shortfilms, Series & Tv Series, 48hrs (2 days) for Blockbusters, 72 hrs (3 days) for Regular Movies, and 4 hours for Date & Time movies. Our purchase option allows you to own a digital copy of the content downloaded onto your device whenever highlighted.

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